Samstag, 27. Juli 2019

Woche 30/2019

Auch diesmal ein weniger romantisches, aber nicht minder interessantes Motiv, das Parkhaus im Zentrum von Bad Kissingen.

Eine zweite Version zu Annettes Zendala Moments 7, einmal schwarz-weiß und dann koloriert.

Anlässlich des 50. Jahrestags zur ersten Mondlandung hat Adele die Muster Zanger, Twirlies und Croon ausgesucht, die in eine Vorzeichnung integriert werden sollen, die an den ersten Blick vom Mond zur Erde erinnern soll. 

Bei Square one beschäftigt man sich diese Woche mit Double Double.

Für Suzannes Hump-Day-Thema sollte diese Woche ein Tanglemuster als Vorzeichnung verwendet und mit anderen Mustern beliebig ergänzt oder gefüllt werden. Für die erste Version habe ich Citrus verwendet, für die zweite Petal Puddle.

Bei Ela's Challenges war am Montag Heart Band, Metal Plate und Kadibra zu bearbeiten.
Dienstagsthema war die Kombination vonChu Chu, Blixty und Kaick.
Am Mittwoch gab es Bosch, Jalousie und Floreale zu zeichnen.

Donnerstagsmuster waren Ojaer, Spokies und Pipkins.

Am Freitag standen Alabastro, Heartzels und Schwarzwaldmadl auf dem Programm.
Die Muster am Samstag waren ziemlich herzig, nämlich Fang, Amore, Heartin.

Am Sonntag gab es Bales Gutz und Backnang zu kombinieren.

Hier wieder eine Kombination vom letzten Samstag bis Donnerstag.

2 Kommentare:

  1. I know, you also in Germany, had the hottest week ever. It was awful and I didn't came out the door before 9-10 o'clock! A lot of time to tangle and to drinks tons of ice-tea. Now we have a lot of refreshing rain and it feels delicious.
    You started the week with a wonderful painting,especially the colours and the shadows are beautiful. After each week, I search on the Internet too the places you paint and every week I learn a bit more about your homeplace.
    Yellow (or golden tints) and blue tints look always bright, I like that combination very much, and the second zendala is pretty.
    Your contribution for Adele is cheerful, pleasant and has nice contrasts!
    Suzanne gives interesting challenges and the second one is my fave!
    And then we have the "Elas", very nice this week is the whole combination of the tiles with a wonderful organic drawing, starting in the middle. It seems to "fly" over the 4 tiles beneath! Also this "pale" colours look great for this result!
    Have a cool and nice weekend!

    1. Last week was very hot in Germany too. We spent the most time at home or in shadowy parks. Since yesterday the weather has changed and we have rain and thunderstorms. I am happy that we had no hailstorms yet. A friend living in Munich had a hailstorm some weeks ago. She said, her garden looks like spinach now. But I hope we are spared by such weather events.
      I am very happy that I can bring you closer to our beautiful area with my watercolors. If you should ever come to Franconia, I can tell you the most beautiful destinations.
      Suzannes challenges are very interesting and I enjoy participating.
      Elas combinations sometimes are not my first choice. But it is interesting to participate and combinate six days together. The backgrounds are abstract watercolor paintings. I like to use the different shadings as a string. I never know, which patterns Ela's next challenge will bring. Every Day it is surprising how to combine the actual challenge with the last. And you know, I especially like the organic patterns. So I draw them in the centre.
      I wish you a wonderful cool sunday evening and a cool week!